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The creation of this website and simulation was inspired by boredomresearch's 'In Search of Chemozoa' artwork.



Clarissa is a student majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Chinese. She is part of the modeling team under the ACE undergraduate research team at ASU. In her free time, she enjoys photography and hiking. Clarissa was responsible for designing the Chemozoa icon seen in the simulation. 


Dafna is a student at Arizona State University studying Biological and Biomedical Sciences. She is a research intern at the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center. Currently she is investigating the emergence of cooperation in cells by using agent-based models of multicellularity. After graduating, she hopes to attend PA school. Dafna was responsible for creating the simulation. 

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Manasa is a student at Arizona State University studying Biomedical Sciences, Evolutionary Medicine, and Business. She is a member of the Maley Lab's undergraduate research team at ASU where she currently pursues research in comparative oncology, as well as outreach endeavors alongside ACE. After she graduates, she plans to earn her Master's in Biology and ultimately aspires to attend medical school. Manasa was responsible for website design and development.


Yasmin is currently studying Biomedical Sciences and Spanish and would like to attend medical school in the future. She is researching the evolution of different cancer types and is part of the outreach team in the Maley Lab at ASU. Yasmin worked to develop the website alongside Manasa and the modeling team under ACE.



Zach is a PhD student at Arizona State University and currently leads the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center's undergraduate lab. He is interested in all of the intersections that cancer biology makes with evolutionary theory, particularly comparative oncology - the study of cancer across the tree of life. Zach is passionate about bringing evolution into the cancer clinic, as well as the community.  


Pamela is a curator specializing in art, science, and technology driven exhibitions. Currently, she is the Scientific Research Curator for two labs within Biodesign Institute at ASU: the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center (ACE) and the Athena Aktipis Lab (cooperation and conflict). She is the host for ASU's Leonardo LASER series which is an international conversation between artists and scientists. Her expertise is in the intersection between science and art and the human narrative that connects the disciplines. 

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